About Us

Santctuary picture from the  Balcony

The Freedom Experience

The Freedom Experience allows us to be free to worship, submit to Scriptural authority, and embrace Bible-based, family-oriented, purpose-driven ministry that is culturally relevant. In all things, we commit ourselves to pursue balance between the contemporary realities and the traditional heritage that will allow our church government, worship and ministry to give glory to God and acknowledge the supreme Lordship of Jesus Christ over the Freedom Baptist Church of Greater Chicago.

The Affirmation Statement

At the Freedom Baptist Church of Greater Chicago, we are free to worship and praise God, follow the Word of God, and flow in the Spirit of God. Here we give God our very best. We pursue excellence as disciples of Christ involved in bringing the Kingdom of God to earth as it already is in heaven."

Mission Statement

Making a Difference as Disciples of Jesus Christ

Vision Statement

The Freedom Baptist Church of Greater Chicago sees the presence of the Kingdom of God being established through a growing community of believers. Out of the Freedom Church, the Holy Spirit will give focus, fullness and fruitfulness to ventures and victories that will make known the power and favor of God throughout the greater Chicago area.