Discipleship Development


Discipleship Development

To be a disciple means “to be a learner, a follower.” Accepting Jesus Christ as Savior is the first step. Then comes learning to be a follower of his teachings, his lifestyle, and his will. In these gatherings, there is teaching and training so that we all as believers mature in knowledge and experience. The Great Commission mandates this: “teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded...”

Sunday School

Classes are held every Sunday morning for all age groups, pre-K to senior adults. We study bible lessons from the International Uniform Sunday School curriculum. In these groups, members ask questions and join in dialogue as the weekly bible in life lesson is led by an instructor. 

Bible Classes

Held throughout the week on the church premises, on the telephone and in members’ homes, members and their friends gather for discussion and learning as we share together in the word of God.


Meeting on Wednesday for bible study, it becomes Word on Wednesday; then when we have a guest preacher and choir to join us for a mid-week worship, it is called Worship on Wednesday. It’s purpose is to provide a ‘middle-of-the-week’ spiritual fuel stop so the church will stay pumped up.


Coming to a new church is like moving into a new neighborhood or starting a new job – it takes time to acclimate to the surroundings. This lesson led by the Senior Pastor is designed as a welcome encounter for all who become members of Freedom. In it, the Senior Pastor shares his visions, goals, and an overview of Freedom’s personality and practices. After meeting with the Pastor, a new member must complete orientation classes given the second Saturday of every month.

Focus Groups

These are occasional bible classes that target a specific topic for spiritual growth, biblical insight of current issues, and doctrines of the Christian faith. Usually they run from four to six weeks.

Prayer Assembly

Meeting on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m., we gather for prayer and praise reports prior to the Worship or teaching of the Word.


This team of men and women assist the candidates for baptism in preparing to get baptized. Helping them in the baptism dressing areas and directing them to the pool area and back into the sanctuary.