Outreach and Missions


Outreach and Missions

Here at the Freedom Baptist Church, we  believe our first responsibility  is to touch the lives of  the people outside of the church walls, by providing the best help to men, woman and children  who are not saved or who have lost hope; by demonstrating that Christ cares. The goals of the following groups are to show acts of kindness and love outside of the church.


In Acts 9:27, a woman by the name of Dorcas is mentioned as doing good works. She impacted and touched the lives of people around her in time of need. This group oversees the church’s response to the hungry, the needy, the crisis-affected by food baskets, clothing drives, and care packages.

Jail and Prison

Carrying the gospel and the worship experience to the incarcerated.

Foot Soldiers

These are the saints who hit the streets passing out pamphlets, invitations, witnessing, and inviting people to come to church and meet our Christ.

School Connections

Partnering with the high school and middle school that are visible from our front yard in attempts to make a better environment for learning and living after school is over.

Community Affairs

Keeping the church informed, connected and involved with government and civic functions. They represent the church through participation in parades, forums, and meetings. They give input as to the position and concerns of the church.

Foreign Missions

They have an interest and passion to spread the Good News into foreign lands. Freedom planted a church in South Africa in 2005 (The Freedom Community Church of Vereeniging, South Africa). An on-going response to the Haiti earthquake is supported. The ministry partners with other churches and organizations in rebuilding lives and homes.The Freedom Church is in partnership with Global Outreach to rebuild housing for the people of Haiti.

Nursing Homes

Showing love to those who are residents and patients in long-term facilities. They hold worship services and take gifts at special times of the year to let these elderly and impaired know that they have not been forgotten.

Neighborhood Impact

Church making a difference in the community in which it is located? Does the church have a positive impact on the neighborhood? If the church were to move out of the neighborhood, would it be missed? These are questions that these groups get energy and marching orders from.