Youth Ministries


Youth Ministries

Providing Christian  growth and guidance for children up to the age of 12 these groups give parents and guardians a chance to see their children  enjoy the environment of fun and fellowship as they learn to disciples in their early age.  The church takes serious the same mandate that the Word speaks into the home:  "train up a child in the way that he should go...."


All Church activities for children and youth are community based.  Youth who are not members of the church can participate as long as they comply with decorum and behavior standards of the church.  It is the church's belief that if a child is given a chance to connect,it will help him or her to make a decision to give their lives to Jesus.

Children in Praise

This the children's choir of the church for ages 6 to 12.  They are taught Christian music suitable for their age category and render music during the sanctuary worship once a month.

Master's Touch

This is the praise dance group for boys and girls that performs dance in liturgical fashion to Christian and spiritual music. Like the drill team, they also have a community outreach assignment.

Drama Ministry

Performing skits, plays and annual productions involving both youth and adults to display, to discover and to develop their gifts in oratory, acting, choreography and writing.

Cavaliers Drill Team

Performing military type drills and routines, this group displays proficiency in their marching and formations.  Throughout the year, they participate in community events, parades, performances at other churches.  Annually in June, the drill team participation in a national competition.  The age group is 8 to 18.

Angels of Praise

For the girls and boys under the age of 8,this group serves as the feeder to the more mature and experiences Master's Touch praise dancer group of the church.

Expression Mime Ministry

This is the mime group that performs silent expressions to music and prose.

Another Expression

Junior mime, ages 7 to 12 is the younger group that does mime performance along side the older group.


For the infants and tots up 5 years old, the church provides and adult-supervised and staffed area so that parents can enjoy worship with their children in a safe, supervised environment. Parents must complete information forms to register their children. Every Sunday, parents must sign their child in and out.